Ode to Joy

Photo by: Ruocaled  (CC)


I like beer. I love beer. Some days, I’d like to retreat into a nice, frosty bottle of beer.

But then again, some days, I do just that.

So what’s so great about beer? Let me answer with a counter-question: what’s so great about potpourri?

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Home for the Hollandaise

Photo by Windell Oskay (CC) https://www.flickr.com/photos/oskay/

If you’ve heard of Jamie Oliver, then you probably haven’t heard of me.

Shame on you. I’m only one of the world’s top chefs. The fact that you haven’t heard of my only goes to prove my theory—the corporate chef culture has worked for years to prevent me from bursting onto the world culinary stage. They don’t like independent thinkers, the kind of gastronomic geniuses who think outside the box and refuse to give up on gluten.

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